Our service is clearly demonstrated in our logo:

  • The triangle is representation of ‘teacher, parents (child carers) and child combination
  • The three legs of the “M” enforces the strength of the triangle unit
  • The “M” and the triangle together suggest growth

Partnership Philosophy

We strive to partner with the best available schools, NGO’s and other stakeholders in the community development, supplementing our own expertise.

CMES has amongst others, strategic alliances with:

  • Western Cape Education Department
  • Social Development
  • Heideveld Music Therapy-Therapeutic music counselling
  • Impact Direct Centre- Counselling for girls
  • The Bernard Lewis Music School- Music theory and Practical
  • NICO- Welding
  • Stimela- publishers ABET Material
  • ACSI- Literacy
  • Chelsea- Sports life skills through sport
  • Rozon- Trust Computer training
  • I.N.A Electrical training
  • Crossroads- vegetable gardening/ clock making


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