CMES currently operates out of their Cape Town based offices in Bridgetown and it is our aim:

  • To be the number one provider of specialised educational care to children at risk in South Africa.
  • To draft a curriculum that's relevant and will meet the needs of our learners.
  • To add a new grade every year till we get to Grade 12.
  • To have our first South Africa Qualification Authority recognized diploma course which would have been completed by our current Grade 9 learners.
  • To provide a working model and replicate this concept through satellite schools.
  • To increase the total number of learners at our present campus to 150 learners.
  • To establish a hostel facility to accommodate some of the learners in need of care.
  • To network with other organisations focusing on children at risk to launch a combined initiative to address the issues at stake.
  • To increase school total to 150 learners in one year.
  • To build a business wing that will generate a profit which will carry the schools overheads.
  • To replicate this module through satellite schools.


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