Developing responsible citizens through education and training

City Mission Educational Services is a Non Profit Organization that manage an Independent school for children at risk (children who have formerly lived on the street or for out of school children ,which includes early drop outs ,children who continues to struggle at public schools), any child whose background stems from a disadvantage one and from surrounding communities.

CMES now in it’s second year of autonomy status, ministering for the poor and needy in this city, providing quality education.
We teach a remedial, bridging as well as mainstream curriculum, which is enhanced with therapeutic interventions and skills classes. Beneficiaries of our system is young people between the ages 12 - 18 who formerly lived on the street, sometimes
age - inappropriately for their grades, socio - economic challenged home environment.

We have 5 class groups. We have 8 fulltime staff members/educators and 2 part time educators, Director Nathan Ramedies continues to manage the school and also assist with teaching.


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